We help clients focus on impactful initiatives, that deliver against their objectives, and provide tangible business value.

Customer Success

The Customer Success movement was forged by Salesforce releasing the first Software-as-a-Service CRM in 1999 and accelerated by Amazon’s launch of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) during 2006. These two events created a wave of Web 2.0 applications that were no longer deployed on premises. The business requirement to deliver value in the cloud-subscription economy was born.

I provide Customer Success services through Growth Molecules because they are a highly-rated firm that knows how to simplify customer success. I’ve been fortunate to be involved with private equity due-diligence projects as well as others that utilize my technical and data-driven expertise.


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a fancy term for a suite of integrated business management applications. Once reserved for only Fortune 500 companies, lower computing costs enable virtually anyone to leverage this operational technology. A simple view of ERP connects Finance, Customer, and Production activities, where Production can be a manufacturing process, inventory distribution, or even service delivery.

There is no shortage of failed ERP implementations; however, an effective system delivers a competitive edge. I’ve completed projects with small, family-owned companies to global organizations located in almost every corner of the world. In addition to Customer Success initiatives, I’ve worked with clients to deliver timely and accurate financial statements, effective use of CRM, and knowing the real cost of inventory.

Software Apps

Lahey Software wrote six ERP modules that were acquired in 2002. The modules included Production Entry, Work Orders, Shop Control, Project Accounting, Customer Service, and Warehouse Manager. Lahey modules were were known for their seamless integration to SBT Pro Series, strict adherence to those source standards, and making complex concepts easy.

Since then other projects include,,,, and a few other ideas in various stages of development.